8 Eco-Friendly Products For Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
What Is Eco-Friendly?

It seems like everyone is using the term Eco-Friendly nowadays. But what does Eco-Friendly actually mean? The easiest way to put it is that it is something that is earth-friendly, or not harmful to the environment. So whether you're looking to adopt an Eco-Friendly lifestyle or just switch out a few products for Eco-Friendly products, we've got you covered! Here are some products you have that probably aren't Eco-Friendly, and give you alternatives to the most popular Eco-Friendly products that you won't find at the big brand stores.

Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Soap

Most dishwasher soaps are NOT Eco-Friendly! They contain harsh chemicals that are not good for the environment or your health. When shopping for dishwasher soap avoid products that contain the list of ingredients below. look for dishwasher soap that contains 100% natural ingredients, and that also comes in Eco-Friendly packaging.

Ingredients of highest concern:

Cocamide DEA: Concerns include cancer, chronic aquatic toxicity, acute aquatic toxicity.

DMDM Hydantoin: Concerns include chemical release (formaldehyde in this case), and irritation of the skin, eyes, or lungs.

Ethanolamine: Concerns include respiratory effects, general systemic/organ effects, chronic aquatic toxicity, nervous system effects, skin irritation/allergies/damage.

Formaldehyde: Concerns include cancer, general systemic/organ effects, respiratory effects, skin irritation/allergies/damage, acute aquatic toxicity.

Sodium Borate: Concerns include developmental/endocrine/reproductive effects, skin irritation/allergies/damage, respiratory effects.

Sulfuric Acid: Concerns include cancer, respiratory effects, skin irritation/allergies/damage.

Triclosan: Concerns include chronic aquatic toxicity, acute aquatic toxicity, general ecotoxicity, developmental/endocrine/reproductive effects, cancer, immune system effects, circulatory system effects, general systemic/organ effects, nervous system effects, skin irritation/allergies/damage, digestive system effects, damage to vision. Good times!

We think Kinilly has the best Eco-Friendly & all-natural dishwashing soap! This Handcrafted All Natural Dishwasher Soap comes in 1lb bag and lasts for a long time. For a standard load, you will only need about 1 tbs. For an extra cleaning boost, you can add white vinegar as a rinse aid. You are guaranteed to love the way your dishes shine with this mix. This is what we use in our home and we love it!


 Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners

Many household cleaners have chemicals that are harmful to humans, animals, and plants. When you use these chemicals to clean your toilets, sinks, dishwashers or other appliances, the chemicals are then rinsed down the drain. The water then heads to your wastewater treatment facilities, where they try to remove the majority of contaminants before the water makes its way back to the rivers and lakes. However, not all the contaminants from these chemical products are removed. Over time, they can build up to have a substantially negative effect on wildlife. Some compounds actually accelerate plant growth, which can lead to dense vegetation that interferes with animal life and eventually decays in equally massive quantities. 

So switching to Eco-Friendly cleaning products are a must! When you're shopping for Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners, look for products that have 100% natural ingredients & come in Eco-Friendly packaging. Read every label to verify that you are buying something that is actually 100% natural. There has been some big brands that have been doing what is called "Greenwashing". Greenwashing is the process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company's products are more environmentally sound. Greenwashing is considered an unsubstantiated claim to deceive consumers into believing that a company's products are environmentally friendly. So if you don't see a list of ingredients on the label, it is better to be safe than sorry. Most products that are truly green, will list off all of its ingredients on the label.

A good Natural All-Purpose Cleaner that we like is this All Natural Multipurpose Cleaner.   Or if you would rather buy a complete set of natural household cleaners, Amazon has this Natural and Organic Household Cleaner and Hypoallergenic Soap set that we really like and highly recommend. Puracy Natural Home Cleaning Set (5-Pack).


Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

It is pretty much talked about everywhere that the use of plastic shopping bags is bad for the environment. In fact, many cities are banning single-use plastics like shopping bags & straws. Plastic shopping bags pollute our oceans & lands, which end up killing marine & wildlife. So buying reusable shopping bags are a really good way to help the environment! 

So, ditch the plastic and pack your goodies in this spacious Organic Cotton Tote Bag. Fill it up with groceries, books, and travel essentials—there’s room for everything in this large size Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Tote Bag! Plus, this "Save The Planet Go Organic" reusable shopping bag is made using 100% Organic Cotton!  

Eco-Friendly Skin & Hair Care

Most store-bought lotions, shampoos, conditioners & body washes usually come in plastic containers. If you're deciding to go Eco-Friendly, plastic-free lotion bars, shampoo bars & soaps are the way to go. Just make sure that the products you are buying are nontoxic & chemical-free. Because those chemicals are bad for the environment. Like this Lemon Poppy Seed Exfoliating Soap Bar that only contains natural & organic ingredients. Or this Organic Stretch Mark Body Butter that comes in an Eco-Friendly reusable metal tin.


Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Just like household cleaners, most laundry soaps are NOT Eco-Friendly. You must always read the labels and check its ingredients. Finding a true Eco-Friendly Laundry Soap is hard, but there are a few out there! This Eco-Friendly Laundry Soap is made from Cocoboo soap berries that are handpicked and sun dried. It produces a soap called saponin, which operates as a natural surfactant. Cocoboo 100% USDA Certified Organic Soap Nuts (Chemical Free, 240+ Loads,  Handpicked & Sun Dried, Hypoallergenic Laundry Soap, with wash Bag). Another Eco-Friendly option is this organic stain remover stick that can remove most common stains like grease, oil, and ketchup. The best part about this stick is that will last you a very long time!

 Eco-Friendly Products

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    One of the things I run into often is Green Washing. Products being marketed as eco-friendly, when they aren’t. It’s nice to find places to shop that understand this and work to avoid it. After reading this blog and viewing the rest of this website, I feel confident that you guys understand the difference. Thanks for sharing this information!

  • Jeff

    One of the first things I did after discovering all of the chemicals that were in the products I was using was RESEARCH. The more I learned the more I realized just how bad things really are. I have been eating organically for almost 10 years now and I have seen a massive improvement in my overall health and it wasn’t until recently I started finding replacements for my cleaning products and deodorant and just about everything we use on a daily basis. I can see why that is just as important as eating organic foods.

  • Maria

    What great information. I grew up just buying the same things my mother always bought never really putting a whole lot of thought into their ingredients. So eye opening to know how many toxic chemicals are in the products we use. I’ll be making the switch to natural products for sure.

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