Beard Care: Beard Grooming Tips on Maintaining a Great Beard

How To Choose The Best Beard Oils 

Choosing the right beard style can be tricky, especially if you’re just starting your beard journey! Your first step is to figure out your facial shape: is it round, oval, square, rectangular/oblong, triangular, or heart-shaped. Based on your facial shape you'll be able to research what beard type & style that will look best for your shape. 

When you first start growing a beard, resist the urge to trim it for the first 4-6 weeks. This will allow your hair to grow long enough to pick a style that suits your beards length and thickness. 

Now that you've grown out your beard, finding the correct wash, grooming, trimming, shaving and beard care products are key to creating a healthy, professional looking beard.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is going to be one of your essential beard care products. Many guys have yet to learn why beard oil is so important, so let's break it down: Without beard oil, your beard will feel dry, crunchy and can become prone to snags and breakage. The best beard oils are based on lightweight carrier oils such as jojoba oil, which is also the oil that most closely mimics our skin’s natural oil. Low cost beard oils usually use heavy carrier oils such as olive oil to help bring costs down, but these thicker oils tend to sit on the surface of the hair rather than get absorbed and can stain your shirt. So opting for cheaper beard oils won't give you the results you're looking for! 

Aside from the carrier oils, natural beard oils often contain other natural ingredients to provide pleasing scents. Look for products that use natural essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance oils since you will be applying these products around your mouth and nose. Premium, All-Natural Beard Oils are one of the most underrated of all men's grooming products and can be the essential difference between a healthy, handsome looking beard and a scruffy mess.

Beard Wash

Don't wash your beard with shampoo or regular soap, stick with washes that are specifically formulated for beards. Everyone's skin and hair are different, just like all skin and hair care products are different. What works for someone else, might work differently for your skin and beard. Take the time to find the best wash for your beard by experimenting with different brands and washes.   

Beard Combs

We recommend using separate combs for your beard & mustache to avoid having to wash your comb in-between grooming steps.

For men with very coarse beards, a regular comb will never be able to make it through your curly beard after it gets longer than an inch or two. So an extra wide toothed comb is best. 

For your mustache, consider purchasing a comb that specifically made for mustaches, or a compact comb that has fine teeth to encourage proper hair alignment and maximum control. 


Hair cutting shears is the best tool for trimming your beard and mustache. DO NOT use regular household scissors as those are not designed to cut hair. Look for a pair of small designed shears with a micro serrated edge, it will help grip the hairs in place so they can be cut accurately. A small design will also give you greater control when trimming your beard as well as your mustache.

Beard trimmer

A beard trimmer is an extremely useful tool for maintaining short beards. Simply select the guard that corresponds with your desired length, run it through your beard against the grain and you’re all set. It’s also useful in maintaining neck and cheek lines (very carefully!). 

Beard Grooming Kits

Grooming kits are awesome! Since most contain all of the essentials needed to care for your beard, it will save you time and money from having to hunt down and buy each individual product. This premium All-Natural Grooming Kit for men includes what every man needs as far as grooming products for part of their daily routine. 

Kinilly Men's Beard Care Guide


In conclusion, there are many essential grooming products for men on the market today. However, not all beard care products work the same. Understanding what each product is used for, why it is important, and knowing how to use them are all important to keeping your beard looking groomed and healthy. 


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