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Our beloved German Shepherd named Eve

[This is Eve the Kinilly Team Mascot and #1 Fan of Flea Free]

Dealing with fleas can be tough, confusing and extremely exhausting. Most likely you're here because you've made the decision to stop using chemical based flea control products. You've done the research and learned that chemical based flea control products are literally killing animals, so now you're on a mission to figure out which natural alternatives will work best for your pets.

There are many natural pet products on the market. Some products claim to be all natural, but after reading the list of ingredients you discover that they are not 100% natural. Then there are those products that claim to be effective, but come to find out, it doesn't work.

We completely understand what you're going through! We went through everything you're going through right now, until we found Flea Free Food Supplement. Flea Free Food Supplement was a game changer and a life saver for us! So we wanted to share our story, and the amazing results we discovered in hope that this information may help you and your beloved pets.

Our Story 

We live on a 8 acre farm deep in the woods of North Central Florida with all of our kids, dogs, cats, chickens and goats. In most parts of the U.S., biting insects are typically a seasonal problem. However, as you probably know, ticks, mosquitoes and fleas are bad 9 months out of the year in Florida. We struggled every year with fleas. As soon as weather was warm again, the fleas were back with a vengeance and each year seemed worse than the last!

We used a flea comb daily, swept the floors twice daily, washed the bedding a couple times a week, bathed and coated our dogs with coconut oil every couple days and used an arsenal of natural bug repellents. All of that was helping, but dirt was sticking like a magnet to our dogs because of the coconut oil and everything we were doing was very time consuming.   

Everything changed two years ago when we adopted our long haired German Shepard and found out that she was currently on the chemical based flea medication Trifexis. We were bringing a dog home but knew that adding another dog to the pack was going to make things harder for us to keep up with. Knowing the many dangers of using Trifexis, we were on a mission to find a natural alternative that would save us time and still protect our pack safe and effectively.

Needless to say, our mission to find a safe and effective natural pet product forced us to do tons of research, ask lots of questions, join social media groups on the subject, and examine what seemed like hundreds of different products. A very daunting tasks indeed. Being in the Natural & Organic Consumer Products Industry, one would think that with just a few calls and we'd have our answer. We soon found out that this couldn't have been further from the truth. The fact is, this issue is wide-spread and once pet owners learn about the facts and the dangers that go with traditional chemical based pest control products for animals, most people will never turn back. As such, the pet industry has been flooded with new products over the last few years with the words "natural" "safe" "effective" and we learned that many of these products don't live up to their label and simply did not perform as advertised.

However, like you, the love we have for our animals and pets made it worth every second to ensure we could find something that actually worked and was completely safe. We bought many different natural bug repellents, all of which worked well but we were going through a lot of product in a short amount of time. So in the long run, even the most effective natural bug repellents weren't going to cut it. 

Finding Flea Free Food Supplement Was a Life-Changer!

Everything changed when we found Flea Free Food Supplement. Trust me... we were definitely skeptical at first because it seemed too good to be true. How can a natural product have such good results for a battle of this magnitude? Even when our German Shepard was taking Trifexis, before it was time to take the next monthly pill it stopped working only after about 3 weeks. Knowing that Trifexis was poison and seeing how our dog was scratching and suffering by the end of the month simply wasn't worth it. Then we read through all of the reviews for Flea Free and everyone was raving about it, so we made the leap and bought our first bottle.

Our kitten who uses Flea Free every single day

Making the switch

We started out by buying the smallest bottle available, since we were hesitant to invest in a larger bottle not knowing if it was going to work. The day it arrived, we immediately fed our dogs their food with Flea Free Pet Food Supplement added to it. Within two weeks we started noticing a tremendous difference. We soon noticed that one of our rescue dogs, a small shiatzu-poodle mix who had missing hair from allergies, was starting to have her hair fill back in and her skin wasn't red and inflamed anymore. We were still flea combing our dogs daily, each day there were less fleas than the previous. We also noticed that when taking the dogs outside, mosquitoes would fly around them, but they wouldn't bite them.    

Remember how I told you that when using Trifexis, it only worked 3 out of the 4 weeks? That 3 week mark came, usually our newly adopted German Shepard would be scratching, itching, panting excessively and flopping her ears around. That wasn't the case this time, she was doing great too! No itching, scratching, panting excessively or flopping her ears around. We were shocked! Of course we contacted the vet and told them that we wouldn't be filling the prescription for Trifexis again. Like most veterinarians will do, they advised against it. We believe it's because that monthly pill is making them money every month. But it didn't matter to us what they said, we were sold on Flea Free. The results for us were blatantly obvious and results speak for themselves.

We still get our dogs tested for heartworms every 6 months, and each time the results have been negative. We have a term for Flea Free around here, we call it liquid gold. The funny thing is, our dogs now refuse to eat their food in the morning unless Flea Free Food Supplement is added to it. We now give it to all of the animals on our farm, all of our dogs, cats, chickens and even our goats. Remember that little dog I told you about that had missing hair? Her hair has fully grown back! 

Before, we were spending more money a month on natural bug repellents, than we we spend on Flea Free. We were also spending more money a month on Trifexis than what it cost for a month of Flea Free. We spent many hours out of the day flea combing, sweeping, bathing, and coating them with coconut oil. It was honestly a lot of work! When I say that Flea Free was a game changer and a life saver for us, now you can completely understand what I mean!   

What is Flea Free and what are the Proven Benefits of Flea Free Food Supplement?

Flea Free Food Supplement is an all-in-one, all-natural pet food supplement that can be used safely year-round to protect your animals from fleasticksmosquitoesmitesflies, and internal parasites. Flea Free works on mammals and aviaries, so it is perfect for your pets and livestock.

It's made by Natural Pet Productsa family-owned, industry-leading Natural Pet Products Manufacturer since 1985. So why choose Flea Free all natural food supplements over any other traditional Flea and Pest control products for pets? Well that's simple... because this product works and it is hands down, much safer for your beloved pet. 

Fortified with over 200 natural vitaminsmineralsenzymes, and amino acids, Flea Free formula works to repel insects and helps to prevent dry, itchy skin while promoting a luxurious coat. Additionally, Flea Free was specially formulated to help your pet(s) maintain a healthy digestive system while supporting a healthy immune systemreducing arthritis causing inflammation, and aids in combating yeast overgrowth... just to name just a few of the many health benefits this amazing all-natural pet supplement will provide for your pet.

Flea Free Food Supplement Insect Repelling Food Topper for Animals is manufactured with strict guidelines to ensure it maintains it's position as one of the best all-natural flea control products for pets. Flea Free is considered by many pet owners, stables, farms, zoos, breeders and boarding facilities as one of the best natural pet products available. Flea Free contains no artificial flavors, no dies, and no preservatives. Additionally, Flea Free provides all the necessary vitamins and nutrients animals need while protecting them from biting insects and pests the safe and natural way. 


I hope by telling you our story, that you'll see you're not alone in this fight! Our goal is to help as many pet owners we can that's going through the same issues we went through. We still use Natural Bug Repellents as an added protection when going outside, but in our opinion and experience, there's noting else that compares to how well Flea Free Food Supplement works.

We hope this information helps you and your pets and livestock. We know just how challenging, and often overwhelming, all of this can be. For us, the journey to finally come to the conclusions we have was well worth it, if only to help others find a safe and effective product that works and doing our part to help them protect their pets from toxic poisons. We strongly feel that we can confidently recommend this amazing product to pet owners, zoos, boarding facilities, breeders alike knowing the overall effectiveness of this product to repel blood feeding insects while improving the quality of life and the health of your pets and animals.

With Our Deepest Respect & Compassion,

David & Kristy
Kinilly Natural & Organic Products

    To learn more about Flea Free Pet Food Supplement (pictured above) as well as other all-natural products for pets and animals, visit Natural Pet Products. 




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