How To Boost Your Mood Naturally

How to Boost Your Mood Naturally

The Impact of Attitude: Boosting Your Mood Naturally

Written By: Caroll Becker

It’s normal to get in a foul mood. But this pandemic is seemingly making everyone grumpier than normal, with Forbes contributors Jim Ludema and Amber Johns detailing how disruption and isolation — part of the fallout of this global health crisis — are sparking feelings of meaninglessness and existential despair. These negative feelings are making people irritable, and this irritability, unfortunately, is infectious. It isn't asymptomatic either since those who catch it manifest it in different ways, like talking in a snippy tone, giving condescending eye rolls, and showing ‘attitude.’

Now, in case you've been 'infected' and are often in a bad mood, you can take solace in the fact that there are antidotes to grumpiness. And quite a few of them are all-natural — exactly the way we like it here at Kinilly! With that in mind, we've compiled for you this list of natural mood boosters:

1. Leverage Positive Emotions

In the same Forbes feature, Ludema and Johns explained how positive emotions work similarly to the undo button in that they "literally reset your mood and help bring your heart rate back to a more comfortable and revitalizing resting place." In other words, they can help you quickly recover from negative experiences that may be putting you in a foul mood. And for something so beneficial, putting your positive emotions to good use is actually simple.

In fact, all it takes is 15 minutes of loving kindness meditation, where you take some quiet time to yourself to think about the love and gratitude you have not only for yourself but more so for your loved ones. If time isn't on your side, take a quick walk outdoors, sing your favorite song, call a friend, or watch a short video that makes you feel good. Either of these activities will put you in a better mood in no time.

2. Eat Healthy

Our previous post on the Science Backed Health Benefits of Eating Organic outlines some of the notable health benefits of eating organic food, and they include decreased exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and consumption of more healthy fats. Eating organic also increases the likelihood of you consuming nutrient-dense foods, including berries, bananas, oats, and beans and lentils. These, according to Healthline, are full of feel-good nutrients such as B vitamins, anthocyanins, and tryptophan that help the brain function optimally (in turn making it less at risk of stress and anxiety).

3. Exercise

Another natural mood booster is exercise, with the study More Evidence That Exercise Can Boost Mood’ noting that physical activity in any form improves mood and decreases risk of depression. That said, yoga is something that you ought to try, with the feature ‘5 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Yoga Today’ detailing how this Hindu practice mixes meditation, breathing exercises, and physical postures, thereby making it an excellent workout.

As it is a physical activity, yoga can boost your mood naturally. Aside from that, it can even help you sleep better, and that is, incidentally, another natural mood booster. But if you want something more active or physical, feel free to try out other fitness routines, like high intensity interval training, bodyweight workouts, or sports. For something a bit lighter and more joint-friendly, you can try calisthenics or tai chi.

4. Get Lots of Good Sleep

As already discussed, exercise and sleep go hand in hand. So, take advantage of this correlation by getting as much good sleep as possible. That's because quality shut-eye is described by CNN as "one of the best things you can do to ease stress and boost your mood" since it gives both your brain and body time to rest and recover. And by making exercise a part of your weekly routine, you already have one component to good sleep covered. Next, look to add a nightly routine that will help you get the shut-eye you need for a happier you the next day.

It's difficult to be in a good mood given these trying times. That said, one contagion — that of the pandemic — is enough. It's now on you to help break the transmission of irritability from one person to another. The tips above will help you do just that, and in natural ways!

Article specially written for Kinilly by Caroll Becker

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