Essential tips to get your legs Summer Ready

What can you do to get your legs ready for summer? 

Here's our top essential skincare tips to get your legs ready for your summer wardrobe:

1. Exfoliate

There is no debating about the power of exfoliation. Getting rid of those dead skin cells – which can make skin look dull and scaly – will help get your legs ready to moisturize without causing build up. Dry brushing is an inexpensive, effective and chemical-free way to have healthier and smoother skin. We like to use the POPCHOSE body brush, as it helps restore and maintain your beautiful radiance. It can also be used in the shower or bath to clean the skin deeply.

Another good way to exfoliate is with a good sugar scrub. Exfoliating in the shower before shaving will help prep your legs for a good shave. This Sweet Tea! Sugar Scrub by Oh Hunni - made in the USA - will make you feel good about exfoliating thanks to its all-natural ingredients like brown sugar and matcha teaPair these two ingredients with local  raw honey, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils and you've got yourself a skin care product that is an ultra-efficient exfoliator and smells just like a glass of sweet tea! 

2. Hair Removal

Most of us want smooth, hair free legs before putting on those short shorts and skirts. So when it comes to shaving, Jungle Culture is a responsible British company who creates premium eco friendly products and zero waste swaps. This single blade reusable razor is made from high quality stainless steel & chrome, and is perfect for getting your legs silky smooth. Make sure to pair your new razor with a good shave bar! We recommend using the Invigorating Shampoo Shave Bar by Happy Willow Soap Co. - made in the USA - for getting that smooth save you're looking for.

Sugaring is a technique of hair removal for our bodies that is similar to waxing. Sugaring is made from honey, sugar and water. As opposed to waxing, sugaring leaves the skin smooth soft and clean, even before aftercare. Cocojojo USDA Certified Organic Hair Removal Paste - made in the USA - with argan and tea tree oil, will help your legs look and feel soft and smooth for summer.

3. Moisturize Your Legs

Especially at the start of summer, if you have extremely dry legs you should moisturize twice a day. Once after your morning shower and again before bed. This ELLOVI Butter - made in the USA - is a highly concentrated, 6-ingredient moisturizer made with ethically-sourced, all-natural ingredients: Hemp Seed, ArrowrootMacadamiaMarulaCoconut, and Shea. These ingredients combined with carefully selected essential oils, create one of the most luxurious body butters that will help keep your legs buttery soft this summer.


4. Hydrate

You may not realize this but those summer cocktails like mojitos, daiquiris, wine slushies, and sangrias mean you’ll need to keep the water flowing all night long, since alcohol actually strips water from the body. If you want your skin to look moisturized, healthy and hydrated, you’ll need to do more than just exfoliate and moisturize your skin. In general, drinking between half an ounce to an ounce of water per pound of body weight a day is recommended. So, drink more water and you'll begin to notice a boost in your beauty and all-around wellness!

5. Moisturize Your Feet

Wearing flip-flops and walking barefoot is one of the best things about summer. The bad news is that it can dry and crack the skin on your feet. The exposure to air and sometimes sand will dry out your skin, creating calluses. Scrubbing your feet with a natural pumice stone when showering or taking a bath will help keep those calluses at bay. Or you can use this Orange Pumice Scrub Bar - Natural Pumice Soap Bar by Big Heart Soap Co. - made in the USA - to help keep your feet nice and smooth while also cleaning off the dirt that sometimes comes with wearing sandals.  

As soon as you hop out of the shower always pamper your heels with a good moisturizing cream. This All-Natural Unscented Natural Body Lotion by Buck Ridge Soap Co. -made in the USA - is a skin-nourishing powerhouse that is soothing yet fully capable of bucking dry skin away fast. This super moisturizing cream will instantly revive dry feet so you can wear those open toes shoes with confidence.

6. Use Sun Protection

You’ve heard time and again that you should use sunscreen every day to help reduce your risk of skin cancer and premature aging. Sunscreen needs time to penetrate the skin, so apply 15 minutes before going into the sun so your skin is fully protected. This NATURAL MINERAL SUNSCREEN - made in the USA - is Soy, gluten and nut free, contains no synthetic ingredients and is packed with nourishing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. So it protects your skin from more than just environmental exposure!


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