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What are this week's Top Picks of American Made Natural & Organic Pet Products?

We understand the importance of buying American Made, but we also know those living a natural and organic lifestyle, can sometimes find it difficult when searching for natural and organic pet products. So we've searched high and low, including on Kinilly, to bring you our top 5 choices of American Made Natural and Organic Pet Products!


1. All-Natural Flea Control 

Fleas and biting insects can be a absolute pain for you and your pets. Besides it being a major hassle to deal with, biting insects can carry diseases that have the ability to negatively affect you, your family and your pets. Fortified with natural vitaminsmineralsenzymes, and amino acids, Flea Free Food Supplement works to repel pests and helps to prevent dry, itchy skin while also promoting a luxurious coat. Additionally, Flea Free was specially formulated to help your pet(s) maintain a healthy digestive system while supporting a healthy immune systemreducing arthritis causing inflammation, and aids in combating yeast overgrowth... just to name just a few of the many health benefits this amazing all-natural pet supplement will provide for your pet.

Why choose this insect repelling all natural food supplement over any other traditional Flea and Pest control products for pets? Well that's simple... because this product is made by the Natural Pet Products brand in Homosassa, FL USA, it truly works and it's hands down much safer for you, your family and your beloved pets. It's Works on Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Mites, Flies & Internal Parasites and is 100% safe for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Chickens, Bunnies, Small Mammals & more.


2. Natural Hemp Oil for Pets

Just like us humans, pet health is extremely important. We all want to keep our pets healthy and happy. Kinpur Omega-6 Natural Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats is made in the USA, using exclusively selected all-natural hemp oil that contains the unique combination of essential fatty acids that will have a positive impact on your pets health inside and out. 

Why hemp oil? Hemp Oil is used by pet owners to help reduce anxiety, support mood stabilization, decrease hormonal imbalances, improve sleep, lift mood, sharpen brain function, improve digestion, help with post surgery recovery, and it helps to improve hair, skin and nails. With all these benefits, this product is a must-have for your pets daily routine.



3. Certified Organic Paw Balm

The NAVA PETS all natural formula, moisturizes and protects your pet's dry paws and skin year round. This USDA Organic Pet Paw Balm can be used anytime or season throughout the year. Are your pet's paws dry and rough when it's hot, during the summer or dry and cracked paws during the cold? We have the solution that you're looking for, and of course it's made in the USA!

This organic paw balm helps to moisturize, protect, and to heal dry and rough paws. With the help of Organic Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E and then infused with other beneficial herbal ingredients, it's created to be 100% safe if ingested. The best part, it comes in a handy hands free tube for an easy, mess free application! Not only is it good for the paws, it can be used on the snout too. 


4. All-Natural Pet Bed 

Some pets like to play hard. So when it comes time for some much needed rest, you can give the comfort your pet deserves with a NaturoPet bedThese dog and cat beds are made using 100% natural materials, creating a healthier and safer environment for your pets to recharge! 

What's so amazing about these pet beds? They are sustainably filled with naturally breathable virgin wool to help control your pet’s body temperature. Not only that, both the inner and outer covers are made using organic materials, and the outer cover is removable by zipper for easy cleaning. With so many chemicals found in traditional pet beds today, it's a breath of fresh air to find one that's truly all natural. 



5. Organic Cat Nip Pillow

All Cats Love Catnip! However, many pet products on the market are made of cheap materials which can contain toxins and chemicals your fur-babies should never be exposed to. This is why we recommend all-natural pet products made from high-quality materials and safe all-natural ingredients like this Certified Organic Catnip Pillow.

Each Organic Catnip Pillow is made in the USA with 100% Organic Cotton Fabrics and battings which is then filled with layers of USA-Sourced, Organically Grown Catnip. We only use the highest quality organic catnip available and your fur babies will go crazy, playing for hours.

Each organic catnip toy pillow is handmade using several layers of batting, heavily sprinkled with organic catnip and double-stitched to ensure the catnip stays on the inside even after hours of crazy rough play. If you are a cat owner, this is the perfect eco-friendly, chemical-free, dye-free, organic catnip toy.  All cats will absolutely love it, making it the perfect gift for cats and cat owners alike.



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