Reflecting this Memorial Day 2020 - A true story of influence & inspiration while reflecting on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we often reflect on history...

The team at Kinilly | Natural & Organic Products knows that our brave men and women of the U.S. Armed forces have helped to provide the freedoms and liberties we hold so dear. We thank them and reflect on the impact they have had in shaping our country while fighting to protect and serve us. These very things helped to inspire Kinilly to grow from a spark of an idea to what it is today...

One of the many influences in the lives of the team here at Kinilly is Mr. J.I. Rodale. During World War II, the American economy was greatly impacted. During that time, there was a serious shortage of nitrogen fertilizer (which was used to make military munitions). It was at that time that a young J.I. Rodale set out find a solution. While soldiers charged into battle, J.I. Rodale invested the remainder of his life dedicated to research and development of Organic Farming practices.

Due to the impact that WWII had on the world, while U.S. armed forces and our allies fought overseas for freedom, J.I Rodale was inspired to take action on the homefront, here on, and in, American Soil.

J.I. Rodale quickly noticed the many problems that traditional, chemical-based farming was causing on the nation's soil - such as depleted of nutrients, poor overall soil health, and he noticed the impact this was having on the health of Americans. Just like any true American, when J.I. Rodale saw a problem, he wanted to find a solution.

In 1947, Mr. Rodale founded the Soil & Health Foundation (which later became the infamous Rodale Institute). J.I. Rodale researched and lectured on the importance of organic, nutrient-rich, contaminant-free soil. This was the birth/re-birth, so-to-speak, of modern/traditional Organic Farming best practices.

Not one to sit in the shadows when it comes to healthy soil and organic farming topics, J.I. Rodale published a number of very important books as well...

One book, in particular, entitled "Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening" (published in 1959), and another entitled "Pay Dirt" (published in 1948) were way ahead of their time. "Pay Dirt" was written about the links between declining public health and chemical-based agricultural practices. These very books were discovered by one of Kinilly's co-founders, David King II, many years ago while visiting the private library of famous Silent Western Film actor William S. Hart's mansion (now known as the William S. Hart Museum) in his hometown of Santa Clarita, CA USA. [Who was William S. Hart?]

It is interesting to note, that during a museum tour Mr. King was given permission to remove books from the bookshelves, sit in the parlor and read them (providing he did not damage them and promptly returned them, exactly where they were). It goes without saying, that "Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening" was one of the first books picked up and read that very moment, which led him to discover "Pay Dirt". Intrigued by the words "Farming & Gardening with Compost", and seeing the words "organic" and "soil conditioning" and such, being written about so passionately in the 1940's and 50's was eye-opening, to Mr. King, to say the least.

The 1948 publication of Rodale’s Pay Dirt, (the book which links chemical agriculture to declining public health), pushed J.I. Rodale to head a movement towards advancements in Organic Farming. He later went on to show how Organic Farming beats Chemical Farming hands down. This was later proven by family at his Rodale Institute time and time again who did a 30-year study featuring a side by side comparison of Commercial/Chemical Agro-farming vs. Organic Farming and you know what? The Rodale Institute carried on with the legacy of J.I. Rodale by proving time and time again that Organic Farming is by far the best way to go for a multitude of reasons.

It is things such as this that inspire Kinilly Natural & Organic Products. While we pay homage to the men and women who have fought and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, we are reminded of the things that drove these men and women to serve this great country of ours. To preserve our way of life, our traditions, our people, and our country. 

We are forever grateful and we will never stop being inspired and doing our part to carry on... fighting for pure, natural, organic products and protecting our planet for future generations. At Kinilly we owe it to all those who served to do our part to protect these things as well... and that starts with preserving the soil, eliminating harmful chemicals, making educated consumer choices, and providing all-natural and organic products. And frankly, we feel that if we commit to that, then we can also commit to sourcing the best quality consumer products that are made in the USA too. 

Who would of thought that an old silent American Western Film Star from the 1920's would have had a private library of books which led one of our founders down a path of all-natural and organic living.? Furthermore, who would have thought that this journey ultimately ended up leading him to form his partnership with Kristy Lynn Sill to create one of the Internet's leading Natural & Organic Products websites?

Happy Memorial Day from


  • Heather

    As an American, it makes me proud to see US businesses show their patriotism. Thank you!

  • James

    I came across this blog a week away from The Forth of July and have to say I am happy and inspired to support a company like your. Brands who support our country and our military says a lot about what they stand for. Thank you!

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