100% Natural Soap - What's the Difference Between Regular Soap & Natural Soap?

Natural Soap

What Kind of Soap is Best For Me?

In general, there are three types of soap, 100% natural handmade soaps, handmade soaps, and commercially made soaps. 100% natural handmade soaps might have a higher price tag, but that’s because they are made with REAL ingredients and offer numerous benefits when it comes to your well-being and health. Today there are very few true soaps on the market. Most mass-produced body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products! Some of these detergent products are marketed as "soap" but are not true soap according to the regulatory definition of the word.  The term "natural" is not regulated and just because a bar of soap is handmade or marketed as natural doesn't mean it's actually 100% natural. So it's important to know where your soap is made and what ingredients it's made with.

What is 100% Natural Handmade Soap?

100% natural handmade soaps are made by carefully blending together butters & plant-based oils that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. Natural soaps can be enriched with many other essential natural ingredients, such as clays, salts, botanical extracts, and essential oils.

To meet the definition of soap in FDA’s regulations, a product has to meet three conditions: 

1. What it’s made of: To be regulated as soap, it must be composed mainly of alkali salts of fatty acids, the material you get when you combine fats or oils with an alkali, such as lye.

2. What ingredients cause its cleaning action: To be regulated as soap, alkali salts of fatty acids must be the only ingredient that results in the product’s cleaning action. If the product contains synthetic detergents, it’s considered a cosmetic, not a soap. 

3. How it's intended to be used: To be regulated as soap, it must be labeled and marketed for use as soap. If it's intended to treat or prevent a disease, it’s a drug. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using 100% Natural Handmade Soap?

IT'S BETTER FOR YOUR SKIN: Soaps that are manufactured for bulk distribution strip your skin of its necessary oils. Small batch 100% natural handmade soaps that contain only natural ingredients have been shown to improve the skin, not harm it.  

IT'S ECO-FRIENDLY: The chemicals in commercially made soaps that are harmful to our bodies are also damaging the earth. Because of vast use in conventional body care, dangerous chemicals are commonly found in rivers, oceans, and lakes. The natural ingredients in 100% pure natural soaps originated from the earth and will not harm it when going back into our rivers, oceans, and lakes.

IT'S BETTER FOR YOUR HEALTH: Soaps manufactured for bulk distribution contain synthetic & artificial ingredients that are bad for your endocrine, reproductive, respiratory, and immune systems. 100% natural artisan crafted soaps that only contain natural ingredients are proven to be the safest option when it comes to your health. 

How can you determine if a product is truly natural?

There are a few things you can look for that will help you choose wisely.

  • Read the ingredient list.  Most unfamiliar long scientific sounding words are usually describing heavily processed ingredients or chemicals. 
  • Do your research.  If you aren't 100% sure about an ingredient, google it. You will quickly discover if that ingredient is a toxic chemical or a natural ingredient. 
  • Avoid products that contain dyes and fragrances.  Companies don’t have to specify what fragrances or dyes are used or if they are full of toxins.  The worst offenders are the words “parfum” or “parfume”. look for products that contain natural fragrance or essential oils.
  • Stay far away from parabens, formaldehyde, dimethicone, dioxins, and pthalates.  These toxic chemicals found in skincare and have been linked to all sorts of health issues.

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  • Gwynn DeStefano

    It’s amazing that the products we use to take care of ourselves are often filled with harmful and even toxic ingredients. Makes you want to read the label on every product you buy. Nothing beats handmade soap made with organic ingredients.

  • kayden

    i did not know that there were chemicals in soap bars

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