Bath Time! Do Pets Need Special Shampoo?

Pet Shampoos


Most pets would rather skip bath time, but bathing plays an important role in the health of your animal's coat and skin, helping to keep your pet clean & free of dirt and parasites. Of course, there’s also the added benefit of making your furbaby even more pleasant to be around.

However, some Pet Shampoo labels are full of tricky, hard to pronounce ingredients making it difficult to know what those ingredients actually are. Those ingredients can be anything from a mild skin irritant or one that’s known to cause cancer. So which pet shampoos should you use to wash your pets and what products should you avoid?

Don't Use Human Shampoo On Your Pet.

If you use human shampoo on your dog or cat, you run the risk of causing inflammation and irritation of your pet’s skin. Irritation and inflammation will make your pet itch more, and it increases your pet’s risk for a bacterial and/or yeast skin infection. Your pet's skin and coat are completely different from your own and require different grooming products.

Can I Use Dish Soap On My Pet?

That would be a strong NO! Please DO NOT use Dish Soap on your pet, ever! Here's why: Dish soap/detergent is made with very strong chemicals that are caustic and harmful, even to humans - one of it’s ‘hidden’ ingredients is formaldehyde! A good quality natural dog shampoo does not contain the harsh chemicals present in household cleaning products and will safely clean, moisturize, and add sheen to your dog’s coats. Dish soap will strip your pet's skin of it's necessary oils, and it contains many chemicals that will harm your pet and the environment.

What Shampoo Should You Use For Your Pet?

A good quality natural pet shampoo that doesn't contain harsh chemicals will safely clean, moisturize, and add sheen to your pet’s coat. When looking for a good natural pet shampoo, always check the label. What are the ingredients? Do you know what each ingredient is? If you're not sure about an ingredient, google it.  The ingredients should be easy to read and understand like the one in the photo below.

Pet Scents All Natural Shampoo that repels Fleas, Ticks & other Insects

What if your Pet Has Fleas?

If your pet has fleas, there's no need to use chemical based flea control pet shampoos. Chemical based flea control products contain toxins that are extremely bad for the health of you and your pet. You can read more about those toxins here in this article.  Most natural pet shampoos contain essential oils & oils that naturally repel fleas. For flea-infested pets, you can coat them with coconut oil before bathing and it will immediately kill the fleas. 

Natural & Organic Pet Shampoos We Recommend!

1) Pet Scents All Natural Herbal Pet ShampooThis plant-based herbal pet shampoo is designed to promote a healthier skin and coat for your animal. It effectively cleans and moisturizes leaving your pet's fur soft and shiny. The ultra-premium, all-natural pet shampoo is gentle enough for daily use and your pet will greatly benefit from the healthy nutrients and natural essential oils included to preserve the natural oils in your pet's skin. Fortified with essential oils, this premium all-natural pet shampoo also eliminates fleas and other insects and it safe to use on most mammals.

2) Nava Pets Organic Pet Wash Shampoo - This all-natural pet shampoo product is perfect for sensitive pets. This eco-friendly natural liquid soap product is extraordinarily mild, hypoallergenic, and free of petroleum or animal by-products. It meets all USDA Organic Food Standards. This product is certified by NOFA and Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).

3) Lexy Noel Beauty Organic Dog Shampoo - This high-quality organic pet shampoo for dogs is recommended for all pets and especially pets with sensitive skin thanks to its all natural, hypoallergenic formula. Easy to lather and rinse, this organic shampoo for dogs contains no heavy metalsno harsh chemicals, and no artificial thickeners.





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