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Made In The USA | This week's Top 5 finds of Natural & Organic Products

What are this week's top 5 picks of American Made Products? We know the importance of buying American Made and we also understand those living a natural and organic lifestyle, can find it difficult in their search to find Natural & Organic products made in the U.S.A. So we've searched high and low, including on Kinilly, to bring you our top 5 choices of the week.   1. Organic Face Masks With the requirement of face coverings to enter some workplaces, schools and businesses, it's important to find a face covering that's made using 100% organic fabric. No matter the reason for needing to wear a mask, one thing is certain, that mask should be made of non-toxic, premium organic materials. Organic fabric is grown...

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What's in Deodorant?

Knowing what is in the deodorants and antiperspirants we use is much more important then many consumers think. The effects of various ingredients can have a direct and lasting effect on our health. We discuss the many different types of deodorants and explain what the are made with and how these ingredients can effect our bodies and our overall health and wellbeing, while providing suggestions on highly effective alternatives that a made using only pure and natural ingredients.

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