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Body Butter | Benefits of Body Butters Made With Natural Ingredients

What are the benefits of using naturally dirrived body butters in contract to traditionally manufactured body butter? We'll review some of the impact that the products we use have on our bodies largest organ and what has the most benefits to help maintain healthy skin.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Natural Skin Care Products Are Better

There's are a variety of skin care products on the market, some of which are synthetic and some of which are natural. While all of these products claim to have the potential to be beneficial, natural products are definitely the better choice. There numerous benefits gained from using skin care products made with natural ingredients as opposed to products made with synthetic or artificial ingredients. Were going to talk about the top 5 reasons why natural skin care products are better! 1. Natural products are the safest option.  When compared to synthetic skincare products, natural skincare products are the safest option. Skin care products are applied directly on your skin, and anything applied on the skin has the ability to make...

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8 Eco-Friendly Products For Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

What Is Eco-Friendly? It seems like everyone is using the term Eco-Friendly nowadays. But what does Eco-Friendly actually mean? The easiest way to put it is that it is something that is earth-friendly, or not harmful to the environment. So whether you're looking to adopt an Eco-Friendly lifestyle or just switch out a few products for Eco-Friendly products, we've got you covered! Here are some products you have that probably aren't Eco-Friendly, and give you alternatives to the most popular Eco-Friendly products that you won't find at the big brand stores. Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Soap Most dishwasher soaps are NOT Eco-Friendly! They contain harsh chemicals that are not good for the environment or your health. When shopping for dishwasher soap avoid products that contain...

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