What I Learned From Using All-Natural & Organic Hair Care Products

Author: Kristy Sill

There are many people that swear by All-Natural & Organic Hair Care Products. For the longest time, I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. When I started doing my research & then started using All-Natural & Organic Products, it all started making complete sense to me. Not only could I see and feel the difference, but others were also starting to notice too! I discovered that using All-Natural & Organic Hair Products actually does promote longer, stronger, softer, & best of all healthier hair.

Here are the 5 benefits I learned from using All-Natural & Organic Hair Products:


This is probably the most obvious (and best) reason for using All-Natural & Organic Hair Care Products. In fact, they often utilize ingredients you can find in your own kitchen cabinet. They aren’t difficult to pronounce, and the products may even offer a brief description of any ingredient that may appear suspect at first glance. A lot of harsh ingredients are not only bad for your hair, but also your health, so using All-Natural & Organic Products significantly lessen the likelihood of Toxin Overload. You can read more about Toxin Overload here: Toxin Overload - 12 Signs Your Body May Be Overloaded With Toxins.



Hair that is color-treated, heat-damaged, or Chemically Damaged will Benefit the most from All-Natural & Organic Hair Care Products. Natural & Organic products won’t exacerbate any damage that already exists. Instead, they will provide a safe environment for your hair to thrive while you nurse it back to health. Since colored tresses are by definition more fragile, an All-Natural hair care regimen will prove beneficial in protecting them from any harm that would hinder them from remaining healthy.

This Handcrafted Natural Argan Shampoo Bar not only cleanses, but also nourishes and softens as you lather. It’s crafted with hair-loving ingredients, turning an ordinary routine into an indulgent experience, and leaving your hair nourished and naturally beautiful!



All-natural haircare products have the unique ability to strengthen your hair from the inside out. Our hair is organic and needs nourishment the same way our bodies need food in order to stay vibrant and vitalized.  Natural Hair products go directly on the scalp and then into the hair shaft, which will strengthen your hair and promote growth.  For those of you who are already losing your hair, it will reduce the rate at which strands begin falling off. 

The ingredients in this All Natural Hair Conditioner are pretty amazing. This fabulous formula, with rich hydrating and smoothing properties, is infused with soothing organic lavender and calming chamomile too, with super moisture-boosting rosehip oil, and nourishing pro-vitamin B5, which all help to keep hair silky smooth, full and shiny.



A lot of styling products claim to be moisturizing and protecting. But many of them contain bad alcohols & chemicals that dry your hair out, resulting in split ends and broken hair. Natural Hair Products give your hair all of the good ingredients and none of the yucky ones. It moisturizes your hair, resulting in less breakage. This Chemical-Free Organic Hair Wax is a product that I highly recommend for anyone that uses hair wax. It truly is an amazing product! 



Have you ever noticed the shine that many chemical based hair products yield? And as soon as you wash your hair again, your hair goes right back to square one, right? That’s because many mainstream hair care lines use silicone in their Hair Care Products. Silicone is used in household, auto, industrial, & medical supplies, like adhesives and sealants. You don’t really want to use a Hair Product made with the same ingredient as tire protectant and furniture polish do you? All-Natural Hair Products will bring out your hair’s natural shine, and will naturally enhance your curls and hair texture.


If you’ve never really used All-Natural & Organic Hair Care Products, I highly encourage you to go “all-natural” for a month, or even a week, and decide for yourself if you notice a difference. From our personal and professional experience, it is almost guaranteed that you will see and feel a noticeable difference in the overall health of your hair and scalp. We know you won’t be disappointed when switching to high-quality natural and organic hair care products!

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  • Jamie

    I have been a hairdresser for 15 years and have always thought of shampoo and conditioner bars as an inferior product in comparison to professional shampoos and conditioners. That is until I learned what was in the high-end professional haircare products and what is in natural and organic shampoo and conditioner bars. In some cases, the all-natural and plant-based ingredients may be similar, but the long list of chemicals and synthetics in the “professional” hair products are just crazy. So I finally took the chance and gave them a try.

    I bought an organic hair and conditioner bar set and have to admit, I was thoroughly impressed. It didn’t weigh my hair down, it didn’t feel greasy… it felt soft, silky and healthy. I have started using organic hair care bars as my primary cleansing treatment and never in a million years would have imagined I would ever say that as a professional hairstylist.

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