Love My  Dog Organic Pet Shampoo by Lexi Noel
natural pet shampoo made with organic ingredients
Organic Pet Shampoo made by people who care about your pets

Lexi Noel Beauty Organic Dog Shampoo

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All-Natural Pet ShampooAll-Natural Pet ShampooMade in the USA


Size: 16 oz bottle.

Did you know that there are no regulations in the pet care industry to regulate what goes into the pet grooming products you buy for your pet?

Finding a Premium Hypoallergenic, All-Natural and Organic Pet Shampoos that work well and are completely safe for your furry friend can be a challenge. That is why Kinilly is proud to present this high-quality Organic Pet Shampoo by Lexi Noel Beauty Products.  Lexi Noel Beauty is known for maintaining high standards in its organic products and this organic dog shampoo is no exception.

This high quality organic pet shampoo for dogs is recommended for all pets and especially pets with sensitive skin thanks to its all natural, hypoallergenic formula. Easy to lather and rinse, this organic shampoo for dogs contains no heavy metals, no harsh chemicals, and no artificial thickeners.

  • All Natural Organic Pet Shampoo
  • Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo
  • Great For Sensitive Skin
  • Meets All USDA Organic Standards
  • Gentle and Safe For Pets Of All Ages
  • Comes with Pump for Easy Use.
  • Proudly Made In The USA

Directions: Just a little goes a long way. Wet your pet thoroughly, then pour out a small amount in the palm of your hand, then lather up your dog’s fur. Gently massage thoroughly to cover their entire coat and rinse.