Bathing Spirits Organic Soap Company

Bathing Spirits
is a female-owned family business based in New York City USA known for creating high quality, organically-based, artisan handcrafted products. Their rustic, vegan, natural, and organic soaps are a tribute to this company's dedication to using only the finest organic ingredients in every product they make. At Bathing Spirits, each handcrafted organic skincare product is created to provide specific benefits to help protect, nourish, and improve the health of your skin or hair. Many people who have used Bathing Spirits skincare products noticed a significant improvement in their skin. From soothing sensitive skin, healing dry skin, dry hair, and more, each product is handcrafted with purpose. Bathing Spirits also creates some outstanding all natural acne treatment products which help to even skin tone and clear up ance safely without the need for hard chemicals, dyes, or unnatural fragrances. Nothing but expertly crafted, all-natural ingredients, and a lot of love, go into every organic, vegan, plant-based soap, and beauty treatment products Bathing Spirits makes.

"Our mission is to create high quality, effective, natural, and organic skin-loving handmade products. The team at Bathing Spirits knows that every product counts, and strives to offer the best natural and organic products to our customers."Bathing Spirits