At Kinilly Natural & Organic Products we have spent years researching a wide range of manufacturing industries. The Fabric and Clothing Industry has a very significant impact on our planet. From the threats to the environment to the existing and ever-persistent contribution to toxic overload in the human body, the clothing we wear plays an important role in all of this... and the impact clothing has on our lives is much greater than many might expect.

For these reasons, Kinilly has partnered with American Based Clothing brands who ethically source their textiles and in some cases locally manufacture clothing, all in a combined effort to have the Lowest Possible CARBON FOOTPRINT and overall Lower  ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS in terms of textile manufacturing. Each brand listed is required to be an American Owned & Operated ClothingApparel Brand. Each business listed herein is required to be All-Natural, Organic-based, GOTS Certified Organic, and/or USDA Certifed Organic, and manufactured in Fair Wear and/or Fair Trade Certified facility.

Note: Due to Fair Trade / Fair WearCarbon NeutralityCarbon Negative requirements to be listed on Kinilly's Clothing category, some of the clothing listed may be designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, while others may be designed in the U.S.A. and part or some of the textile or garment manufacturing may have been in one or more of the following: United States of America, London, England, U.K., Canada, Mexico, Italy, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and/or Egypt. Our goal is to rid consumers of the need to buy chemical-based, toxin-based consumer products while supporting more Eco-friendly, All-Natural, Organic American-based businesses we believe in. Each clothing item listed here is of premium quality clothing and apparel from US-based Clothing & Apparel brands. Product Vendors: To have your Organic Products listed here, please visit our Vendor Signup page.