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100% Organic Fabric Masks | Organic Face Masks Made in the USA

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All-Natural Face MasksCertified Organic Fabric Face MasksMade in the USA

Organic Face Masks 
Made in the USA
Available in Black or White

Black Organic Hemp & Organic Cotton Masks
(60% Organic Hemp + 40% Organic Cotton)
Black or White Organic Bamboo & Organic Cotton Masks
(70% Organic Bamboo  + 30% Organic Cotton)

These 100% Organic Face Masks are the perfect accessory for those looking to maintain a sense of fashion, eco-savvy sensibility while being more protected from dust and airborne particles* at the same time.

No matter the reason for needing a face mask, one thing is certain, that mask should be made of non-toxic, premium organic materials. These organic masks are made from 100% Global  Organic Textile Standard Certified Organic Fabric which is made in the USA. Each mask is made by hand in Oregon and are made with organic materials. This means you can also avoid breathing in any additional toxins and chemicals found in many traditional face masks made using chemical-treated fabrics or synthetic materials which often contain toxic chemicals due to their materials and manufacturing processes.

The 100% certified organic fabric and organic fibers this organic fabric mask is made with is designed to be comfortable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly while providing you with a layer of protection from airborne pollutants. These organic masks are so soft on your face, yet very durable, washable, and reusable.

Organic Mask | Washable & Reusable

Approximate Measurements:
  • Small Mask: Approximately 7” wide x 5” tall.
  • Large Mask: Approximately 9” wide x 6” tall.
  • Adjustable Straps: Ties on each side are approximately 17" long
  • Black Hemp Masks:  60% Organic Hemp & 40% Organic Cotton
  • Black Bamboo Masks: 70% Viscose Bamboo & 30% Organic Cotton 
  • White Bamboo Masks: 70% Viscose Bamboo & 30% Organic Cotton 
  • Ear Straps: made of elastic for an easy fit.
  • Tie Straps: made from 60% Organic Hemp & 40% Organic Cotton for a one-size-fits-most, fully adjustable fit.
  • Dyes: low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes that contain no heavy metals or toxic substances.


  • Organic Masks with Elastic Ear Straps: For most Adults, a Large-Sized Mask is recommended for any organic masks with Elastic Ear Straps while the Small-Sized Masks with Elastic Ear Straps is best suited to accommodate some children and adults with a small head/face. The Small mask has approximately 9" round Elastic Ear Straps, while the Large mask has 10" round Elastic Ear Straps, approximately.
  • Organic Masks with Adjustable Tie Straps: Masks with the Adjustable Tie Straps can accommodate most people.  The Tie Straps are approximately 16" long. The Small or Large Sizes should be chosen based on the coverage area (see Approximate Measurements above).

Did you know wearing a traditional mask made of chemically treated fabrics or synthetics can have negative side-effects?

It's True... Breathing in the harsh chemicals and toxins used to create traditional masks can actually be bad for our health. The effects of which could actually lower your immune system. This can be amplified for those who already have a compromised immune system or preexisting respiratory issues. This is why Kinilly encourages you to find premium quality double-layered Organic Fabric Masks, like this one.  If you want even greater protection, find a mask with an N95, or equivalent, carbon filter*.

This completely Handmade, Reusable Organic Mask is double layered for added protection*. These organic masks come in two options with various sizes: Organic Masks with Elastic Ear Straps or Organic Mask with Adjustable Tie Straps. The masks with the elastic straps help make for a perfect fit for most faces while the mask with the wrap-around ties which are basically fully adjustable straps making them a truly one-size-fits-all mask. The fabric is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and silky soft. Perfect for those with allergies to elastic or just have sensitive skin.

Handmade in America using 60% Hemp 40% Cotton:
MILDEW RESISTANT - Keeps You Smelling Fresh
MOLD RESISTANT - Keeps You Clean
VERSATILE - Great For Multiple Climates
SOFT TOUCH - Feels Good On Your Skin
HYPOALLERGENIC - Better For Sensitive Skin
DURABLE - Strong Naturally Long Lasting
BREATHABLE - Wicks Away Moisture Keeps Skin Dry
BIODEGRADABLE - Naturally Goes Back To The Earth
ECO AZO FREE DYE – Non-Toxic For You & The Environment

NOTE: Each of these face masks is made from BRAND NEW GOTS Certified Organic Fabric and shipped directly to you from the manufacturer located in Oregon, USA. All organic fabric face masks are unique and are handmade in the U.S.A. by the team at LEAFtoEMBER Premium Hemp Apparel.  Each mask is made from brand new, Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) Certified organic hemp/cotton fabric shirt material and some of the masks may even have partial designs on them. Thus, each masks style and material may vary slightly and may also include LEAFtoEMBER apparel graphics.

CARE: Fabric is 100% organic untreated fabric. As such, it is safe to wash as you would any other new cotton fabric. This fabric is not pre-shrunk. For best results, it is recommended to pre-soak in water with organic vinegar to help destroy bacteria and germs prior to washing and air drying. Our team washes their masks various ways... some by hand, and some using a washing machine on a gentle cycle with organic soap nuts and vinegar.

*SAFETY: These masks are effective against dust and some airborne pollutants. However, although some level of protection may be present, these masks are not designed to protect against airborne pathogens without an additional filtration unit. All sales on PPE and open/used personal hygiene products are final. An N95 Carbon Filter or equivalent face mask is recommended (N95 filter or N95 filter slit not included with these face masks). 

Made in the USAMade In The USA.

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