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We are pleased to present the SprinJene Natural Tooth Care Brand. SprinJene Natural was created by an award-winning toothpaste developer and scientist with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. In fact, before creating the SprinJene product line, the founder of SprinJene Dr. Sayed Ibrahim was responsible for the development of dental care products for one of the biggest brands in the toothcare industry, one which most people are very familiar with. As impressive as all this may be, it is what Dr. Sayed Ibrahim did next that allowed Kinilly to stand behind this amazing natural dental product line for adults and children, by creating a certified natural toothpaste that has the utmost consideration for the diversity of all people, as well as the responsibilities we each have to one another and our planet.

SprinJene Natural Toothpaste Product Line

SprinJene was developed as a natural toothpaste that is Cruelty-FreeVeganGluten-FreeKosherHalal, and Bio Preferred Certified. SprinJene’s one-of-a-kind, all-natural, patented toothpaste formulas have all the right ingredients needed to provide exceptional dental care without all of the harsh chemicals used in other brands of toothpaste. 

At Kinilly Natural & Organic Products we were highly impressed with SprinJene brand's finite attention to detail with every ingredient used. Their dedication to creating a truly remarkable all-natural toothpaste that is exceptionally effective yet completely free of toxic chemicals, all while being mindful of the diverse needs of people from all walks of life is unlike any other dental care brand we have ever seen. Dr. Ibrahim believed the world deserved better toothpaste. One free from harsh chemicals and abrasives yet was powerful enough to whiten teeth and protect your enamel. His desire to create the perfect natural toothpaste resulted in years of vigorous research, testing, development, and obtaining many highly respected certifications to create the SprinJene Natural® Toothpaste product line. It's no wonder SprinJene toothpaste has been so widely received throughout the dental industry:

"SprinJene Natural Toothpaste is a welcome alternative to the multitude of paraben filled, preservative laden toothpaste that we typically just do not have readily available on the market today. I feel confident in using SprinJene in my daily dental hygiene regimen for myself and my family and have officially made the switch from Colgate Total to SprinJene Natural toothpaste with cavity protection. The more I use it, the more I like it. It's a great product.” -Dr. Kiono Barnes, DMD
(Doctor of Dental Medicine & Founder of Dental Concepts)

SprinJene’s natural dental hygiene products provide the benefits of both Science & Nature. The philosophy and vision at the forefront of this amazing natural tooth care products brand is one that cares for our planet; one that is inclusive and invests in diversity, paying close attention to the needs of all people of all faiths. This is why each and every ingredient that goes into every product that displays the SprinJene  Natural® name is carefully selected with all humanity and all its diversity in mind.

Understanding the importance of creating a product that could be used by all people, while using only the finest natural ingredients combined with proven science, are what help make this brand truly stand apart. SprinJene's very principles on which their entire company is rooted are why all of us at Kinilly fully support their efforts and commitment to providing what we feel is by far one of the BEST ALL NATURAL TOOTHPASTE you can buy. If you would like to learn more about the importance of using natural toothpaste check out this article.

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