Featured Vendor: The Handsome Bee

Kinilly Natural & Organic Products is pleased to present The Handsome Bee Company. Headquartered in Santa Monica California USA, this all-natural premium men's grooming products manufacturer is known for creating some of the best artisan-crafted, premium Beard & Face Oils using sustainably sourced, organic ingredients from local family-owned farms.

100% All-Natural Grooming ProductsMade with Organic IngredientsVegan productsMade in the USA

Eco-Friendly Products:
100% Compostable Labels, Recyclable Aluminum Bottles, Biodegradable Mailers.
The Handsome Bee saves 1,000 bees with every bottle sold.

Kinilly has partnered with The Handsome Bee to become an Authorized Nationwide Retailer offering Manufacture Direct Shipping to our customers to ensure you receive the freshest product available. Thus, it is with our highest recommendation that anyone with a beard, take advantage of becoming familiar with The Handsome Bee. From the ultra-high-quality ingredients, this company has somehow, miraculously figured out how to bottle the essence of the outdoors using organic plant-based ingredients and essential oils that not only smell amazing but are expertly-crafted to help maintain health and style while being naturally antibacterialantifungalantiviral, analgesichypoallergenic, and anti-inflammatory. So treat yourself, or another bearded guy you know, to one of the best beard and face oils money can buy.