Featured Vendor: Lemyn™ Organics Hand Sanitizer

Lemyn™ Organics by Würth Essentials 

Lemyn Organics™ is a premium hand sanitizer that proves that it’s what’s inside that really counts!

Lemyn Organics™ Medical-Grade Hand Sanitizer Gel is made in the USA with 70% USDA Organic plant-based purified alcohol – the highest grade available with the least impurities. Taking waterless washing to a whole new level, this completely clean, no-rinse, residue-free natural hand sanitizing formula exceeds FDA, CDC, and WHO standards for effectively killing germs while remaining safe for sensitive skin. It’s everything you’ve wanted in a clean, natural hand sanitizer, without the fluff, hype, and confusion that comes with navigating the overly-saturated hand sanitizer cleansing market today.

Lemyn Organics™ gel hand sanitizer is 99.9999% effective against harmful bacteria PLUS, it is 97% Organic, 100% USDA Biobased Federal Preferred, PETA - Vegan & Cruelty-Free, and deeply hydrating!

Lemyn Organics™ is made in the USA and is distributed by Würth Essentials (a division of Würth Line Craft North America), which was founded in March 2020 after the Coronavirus pandemic created a global need to expand their already existing PPE offerings. As the Exclusive Supplier of LEMYN ORGANICS HAND SANITIZER, Wurth Essentials and Kinilly have partnered to help keep up with consumer and professional/industry demands for those who seek premium Medical-Grade Hand Sanitizer, ethically made with the highest quality ingredients.

Your search for the world's best hand sanitizer is finally over...