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Natural Pet Products Brand

Since 1985, Natural Pet Products has been producing some of the world's best all natural and organically derived premium pet care products for pets, livestock, farm animals, and zoo animals alike. After the loss of their two beloved dogs due to a chemical-based commercial flea spray, this family-owned and operated U.S. based business has been dedicated to creating natural pet products that would prevent this from happening to other pet owners. After years of research and development, and turning to some old family recipes used around livestock and pets alike, and some careful research on Native American natural remedies, they created Flea Free All Natural Pet Supplement. This amazing product led them to create a complete line of all natural organic pet care products that truly do work. Today, Natural Pet Products brand petcare products can be found worldwide providing people with a safe, effective alternative to chemical-based petcare products.

We are proud to present Natural Pet Products' complete line of natural products to help you get rid of your pest problems the safe and natural way. Here you will find all-natural, organically derived pet food supplements, natural flea & tick products, natural insect sprays for pets and for livestock, natural yard sprays for pests, all-natural pet shampoos, and non-toxic carpet powders.

All-NaturalProducts that are Made in America
All-Natural | Non-Toxic | Made in the USA

With Natural Pet Products high quality, highly effective natural products for pets, there is no longer a need for harsh toxins or chemicals which can be harmful to your pets. You can rest assured that your beloved pets will be protected and safe. Natural Pet Products is dedicated to ensuring that each and every product they produce is free of chemicals and toxins while also including the vital vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and minerals they need to keep them happy and healthy. NATURAL PET PRODUCTS - The Natural Alternative™