Bathing Beauty Exfoliating Bar by Bathing Spirits
Bathing Beauty Exfoliating Bar by Bathing Spirits

Bathing Beauty Exfoliating Bar by Bathing Spirits

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SIZE: Minimum 1.75 oz bar

When it comes to keeping your skin healthy, nothing beats the power of organic handcrafted exfoliating soap. This Bathing Beauty Exfoliating Soap Bar is a premium natural and organic treatment soap that is a true all-natural powerhouse packed with natural benefits to nourish and smooth your skin from head to toe!

Each bar contains generous amounts of organic matcha powder and organic coffee grinds, giving super doses of powerful highly concentrated antioxidants and caffeine that will visibly tighten, rejuvenate, and exfoliate your skin.  Additionally the antioxidants vitamin A and vitamin C help to even your skin tone and improve its texture by promoting skin cell turnover while also boosting collagen production to maintain your skin's elasticity and firmness. The hyaluronic acid added to this powerful formula helps to create extra moisture to further nourish your skin.

Use it on both your face and body from head to toe about 2 - 3 times per week.

INGREDIENTS: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, alkaline water, sodium hydroxide, organic castor oil, pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C), organic carbon-negative coffee, organic matcha powder, vitamin A, hyaluronic acid.

USE: Use this bar 2 - 3 times a week. After you reached your desired result use this bar 1 - 2 times a week for maintenance. NOTE: This organic soap bar is for exfoliating your skin and it is not meant for daily use. However, for best results it can be used in conjunction with the daily use Bright Glow bar.

For Face: Wet your face thoroughly.  Massage the bar gently all over your face in a circular motion, letting the coffee grinds begin to exfoliate. Massage the lather into your skin with wet fingertips. Let it remain on your face for 5-10 minutes to let the ingredients penetrate for the best results, similar to a facial! Rinse thoroughly.

For Body: Massage the bar gently in a circular motion on the target areas of your body. Let the coffee grinds exfoliate your skin. Use a washcloth or loofah to increase suds. For best results leave the lather on your body for up to 15 minutes before you rinse off.

"Our mission is to create high quality, effective, natural, and organic skin-loving handmade products. The team at Bathing Spirits knows that every product counts, and strives to offer the best natural and organic products to our customers." - Bathing Spirits 

Made in the USA
Made In The USA.