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At Kinilly Natural & Organic Products, we not only manufacture all-natural, organic, vegan, eco-friendly products at our headquarters in Newberry, Florida USA, we also support other all-natural brands, companies, and small businesses who's eco-conscious philosophies and commitment to high quality manufacturing of premium, all-natural, chemical-free consumer goods are equivalent or greater than that of our own. Our requirements may be strict, but at the end of the day, our commitment to our customers is truly what matter the most. 

Each of our featured vendors listed below have met Kinilly's Vendor Signup requirements and their products have been thoroughly tested for quality and effectiveness. This allows shoppers to shop for all-natural products at Kinilly with confidence knowing that each product listed is made using premium all-natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

All brands/vendors listed below have been Approved by Kinilly. Kinilly Natural & Organic Products is a Manufacturer Direct Authorized Retailer, Dealer, Distributer, and/or Nationwide Supplier of products made by the following natural products brands (Vendors listed alphabetically).

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All Natural Products Vendors at Kinilly:

Bigheart Soap Company
Osage County, Oklahoma USA
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Products: All-Natural Skincare Products made using locally sourced, local farm-sourced premium ingredients. Artisan handcrafted soaps, deodorants and skincare products that are highly effective and expertly crafted with careful attention to beneficial herbs and plant essential oils.
Product Categories: Health & BeautySoap | Deodorant | For Women | For Men


Buck Ridge Soap Company 
Springfield, Arkansas USA 
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Products: All-Natural & USDA Certified Organic Skincare products for both men and women. From organic handcrafted soaps to artisan crafted beard oils for men, there is an extremely wide range of product offerings from this US based vendor.
Product CategoriesHealth & Beauty | Soap | Insect RepellentsFor Men | For Women

Maricopa, Arizona USA
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Products: USDA Certified Organic Pet Products. Organic Catnip Toys, Organic Cat Toys, Organic Catnip Pillows. BVS makes a wide range of custom products. However they came to Kinilly after creating a very special USDA Certified Organic Pet Product for cats using premium USDA Certified Organic Wild-grown Catnip and USDA/GOTS Certified Organic Fabrics.
Product Categories: Pet Care Products | Organic Products

Dezayno Premium Apparel
San Francisco, California
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Products: Premium Organic Clothing from this Bay Area based USDA/GOTS Certified Organic Apparel brand. Most of the products Dezayno creates is limited editions and are becoming highly sought after by collectors and fans alike. 

Product Categories: Clothing & Apparel | For Men | For Women

G Polish by Make Me Nails [COMING SOON
Los Angeles, California USA 
Status: PHASE I & II Kinilly Testing & Authorization [PASSED]
Products: G Polish has a complete line of premium vegan, cruelty-free, 10-free and non-toxic Nail Polishes & Nail Care Products filled with fun, yet sophisticated premium colored non-toxic nail polishes.
Product CategoriesHealth & Beauty | Make Up & Cosmetics | For Women | For Men


Leaf to Ember
Albany, Oregon USA
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Products: Leaf to Ember is a well respected west coast based apparel brand who is dedicated to eco-friendly products made from USDA & GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Organic Hemp. High quality materials and expert craftsmanship. From hemp hats, to certified organic face masks, Leaf to Ember has a little something for everyone.
Product Categories: Clothing & Apparel | For Men | For Women

Lola Blue Living

North Port, Sarasota County Florida USA
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Products: Skincare, Lotions, Deodorants, Soaps, Candles, Wax Melts and more all made with premium all-natural ingredients, non-toxic, and chemical-free.
Product Categories: Health & Beauty | Soap | Deodorant | Insect Repellents For Men | For Women

N.O.T. Enterprises 
The Berkshires, Massachusetts USA
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Products: Premium, highly-effective, all-natural insect repellent sprays to insect repelling lotions, NOT Enterprises, the makers of I'M NOT GONNA GET TICKED bug repellents have an outstanding all-natural product that truly works to keep the bugs away.
Product Categories: Insect Repellents | Health & Beauty | Pet Care Products | For Men | For Women


Natural Pet Products Brand
Homosassa, Florida USA
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Products: The makers of premium All-Natural Pet Care Products since 1985. All Natural Pet Food Toppers, Pet Supplements, Flea & Tick Control Products, Insect Repellents and more.
Product Categories:  Insect Repellents | Pet Care Products | For Men | For Women

Oh Hunni! Skincare Products
Gainesville, Florida USA
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Products: Complete line of body butters, skin butters, lotions and scrubs made using premium all-natural ingredients.
Product Categories: Health & Beauty | For MenFor Women


The Handsome Bee 
Santa Monica, California USA
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Products: Premium, organically sourced, artisan-crafted Beard & Face Oils which truly capture the essence of nature and the outdoors. Each ingredient is carefully chosen and then sourced from local family farms in California, Mexico, and Arizona and blended and bottled at their headquarters in Santa Monica, CA.
Product CategoriesHealth & Beauty For Men

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