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At Kinilly we invest a lot of our time and energy in researching healthy, chemical-free, all-natural and ORGANIC products. Why? It is because we love our planet, we love ourselves, our families and our fellow humans.

"Living an organic lifestyle, free of harmful chemicals, is extremely important for the good of our planet and the health of humanity as a whole." -Kinilly

One of the primary reason Kinilly was created was to help people live healthy lives free of chemicals and harmful toxins. As parents, it became vital to the co-founders of Kinilly to learn everything they could about what they were feeding and exposing their family to. As such, this helped us understand more about what we, as a population expose ourselves to. Some diseases, in many cases can be traced back to man-made causes such as exposure to toxic chemicals. Cancer is one of the larger killers on this planet, and many believe that a Chemical-free, Organic lifestyle can help one avoid being at high risk for such diseases.

Here are some articles with important information regarding Organic News Reports we thought you might appreciate.


DECEMBER 16th, 2019

PREMIUM ORGANIC CLOTHING BY DEZAYNO NOW AVAILABLE AT KINILLY to become one of the world's first Official Retailer of the premium organic clothing brand Dezayno, a first for the fashion industry. Dezayno is currently considered one of the most popular organic apparel brands and the entire team at Kinilly is extremely excited to be able to offer Dezayno Premium Apparel to our customers across the United States. Dezayno to be featured on and this news has the fashion industry and organic products world jumping for joy. [Read More]

SEPTEMBER 24th, 2019

Studies have recently shown that chemicals and synthetic compounds such as phthalates, parabens and other phenols found in personal care products associated with timing of pubertal onset in girls. These toxins are found in so many products it has created a challenge for parents to ensure their children are not exposed to anything that can change the natural balance of their children’s wellbeing. Kinilly often posts news articles to spread awareness about health related topics. The full article was posted on Kinilly’s Facebook Page

SEPTEMBER 6th, 2019

Shopping for chemical-free, paraben-free, non-GMO, all-natural and organic products has became a lot easier thanks to companies like Kinilly who invest a lot of time and energy into helping consumers find the best selling organic products and best selling all-natural beauty products that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. [Read More]

JULY 23rd, 2019

Shocking Signs of Toxin Overload within the Human Body. How many chemicals are in the products you use daily and what impact are they having on your body? Find out if you're suffering from Toxin Overload and what you can do to fix it. [Read More]

JULY 17, 2019

Farmers Plead Guilty to Organic Fraud Scheme Netting Nearly $3 Million in Profits passing off regular corn and soybeans as organic for use in USDA Certified Organic labeled consumer products!

JULY 16th, 2019

Investigations Find Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder Causes Cancer; Company Knew Product was Tainted with Asbestos

JULY 15th, 2019

Benefits of Organic Cotton Products

Why is Organic Cotton Better? What are the extreme Environmental and Health Impacts by not using Organic Cotton?

Most consumers may not fully be aware of the benefits of buying organic clothing instead of traditionally made cotton clothes. From seed to farm, harvesting to fabric manufacturing to textile design. The entire process is a bit more complicated then many people can begin to understand. The environmental impacts of buying anything but organic cotton clothing just doesn't make you want to own anything else. Here is yet another perspective on the subject of the Benefits of Organic Cotton

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