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Kinilly Featured Affiliate Valhalla Spa Organics
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Kinilly Featured Affiliate:

Occasionally, the research team at Kinilly comes across a brand with a product and/or product line we simply cannot stop talking about. Some of these situations encourage our executive staff to reach out to such brands to invite them to take part in what is know as the Kinilly Featured Affiliates program. 

To become a Kinilly Featured Affiliate, a supplier must meet strict requirements, including the development/manufacturing of a premium all natural and/or organic product that is superior to what is readily available on the consumer market today. Various other criteria pertaining to included/excluded ingredients, quality control, and product quality are examined before an invitation to participate can be extended.

We are proud to present Valhalla Spa Organics as one of our Premium Kinilly Featured Affiliates.


Valhalla Spa Organics

Valhalla Spa Organics creates premium All Natural Products for the Luxury Organic Lifestyle. Located in Newberry, FL USA (just outside of Gainesville Florida), Valhalla Spa Organics is a very well respected manufacturer of hand crafted luxury products for those who strive to live a chemical free, organic lifestyle. Made of the highest quality all natural ingredients, Valhalla Spa Organics products have been thoroughly tested and are currently in daily use by the team at Kinilly. These products really are that good. If you are in search of a premium all natural product to replace something you are currently using, but cannot sacrifice quality, these products we created especially with you in mind. Find out what the buzz is all about.

Valhalla Spa Organics was founded near Gainesville Florida, by a very organic centric person. We are proud to call found of Valhalla a friend. He has dedicated his live to organic farming, bee keeping and creating high quality, all natural products that are chemcial free. It was through this process, with the understanding of using everything you can produce from nature, that spawned Valhalla. Bees create some amazing things with many benefits... and so does nature. The entire team at Kinilly uses products created by Valhalla Spa Organics, literally, every single day. We swear by the amazing quality and overall benefits of these products. is pleased to preset these Valhalla Spa Organics products now available in our Online Store:

    Organic Lotion Bar



    All Natural Lip Balm



    All Natural Foaming Toothpowder




    Spa Organics Gift Basket



    Valhalla Spa Organics is a Florida based all natural products manufacturer known for their hand crafted, premium, Luxury Organic Lifestyle necessities for skin care and daily hygiene. Our team recommends trying some of their extremely effective all natural products to help reduce your exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals that may lead to toxin overload. We proudly recommend any of the following products by Valhalla Spa Organics:

    Natural Skin Bar (Beekeeper's Secret) | All Natural Deodorant | All Natural Tooth Cleaner

   is an Authorized Reseller of Valhalla Spa Organics products, not to mention we are avid users of the complete line of products manufactured by Valhalla Spa Organics. At Kinilly, we only recommend all natural products and organic products that we would use ourselves. To learn more about Valhalla Spa Organics, click here.