Black Organic T-shirts by Dezayno
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Organic T-shirts by Dezayno
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Dezayno - Limited Edition Organic Logo Tee

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Kinilly introduces one of the top rated, eco-friendly, premium organic apparel brands: Dezayno

Dezayno represents everything the fashion industry should be. Dezayno is known as one of the fashion industry's most popular organic clothing brands focused on being a top rated Eco-friendly, Certified Organic, Premium Clothing brand.

This Unisex t-shirt by Dezayno is a LIMITED EDITION and features a classic Dezayno logo.

Only 100 of each color/size variant is made available from Dezayno.

Kinilly has reserved a very limited supply of only 10 of each color and each size of these Limited Edition Dezayno t-shirts. So get yours before they sell out.

  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton
  • Eco-Friendly Dyes/Inks
  • Fair Wear Certified
  • Carbon Neutral Certified
  • Ultra-Limited Edition

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