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Lemyn™ Organics Hand Sanitizer

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8oz (flip-top lid)
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2oz (3-pack)

Lemyn™ Organics Medical-Grade Hand Sanitizer Gel is a premium, American-made, non-toxic hand sanitizer that truly takes waterless hand washing to a whole new level.

How does it smell? AMAZING! Naturally, you can expect this Lemon Scented Hand Sanitizer to smell exactly like the organic lemons it was created with. How effective is it?

Effectively kills 99.9999% of illness-causing germs in 15 seconds!

This clean, no-rinse, completely residue-free natural hand sanitizer formula exceeds FDA, CDC & WHO standards for its ability to effectively kill 99.9999% of germs while remaining safe for sensitive skin. (Leading hand sanitizer brands are only 99.99% effective). Lemyn™ Organics hand sanitizer just does it better with 97% Organic ingredients.

  • Dermatologist Tested
  • 97% Organic, Medical-Grade Ingredients
  • PETA – Vegan & Cruelty-Free | USDA Biobased Certified
  • Highly Effective (Kills 99.9999% of germs)
  • Made in the USA

Finally, a natural hand sanitizer that is everything you’ve wanted, without all of the fluff, hype, and confusion that typically comes with shopping in today's hand sanitizer market. Lemyn™ Organics Hand Sanitizer is one of the best natural hand sanitizers you can find that is made with pride in the USA.

97% Organic | 99.9999% Effective
Vegan Cruelty-free | USDA Biobased Certified

Made in the USA
Made In The U.S.A.
by Würth Essentials