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Organic Cat Toy Pillow with Organic Catnip

Two Organic Catnip Pillows with Organic Catnip & Organic Fabric

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All-Natural Cat ToysAll-Natural Cat ToysMade in the USA
Organic Fabric, Organic Inner Battings & Organic Wildgrown Catnip

Size: 4 ½” Square x ½” Thick (approximately)
Quantity: Contains Two (2) Organic Catnip Pillows

All Cats Love Catnip! However, many pet products on the market are made of cheap materials which can contain toxins and chemicals your fur-babies should never be exposed to. This is why we recommend all-natural pet products made from high-quality materials and safe all-natural ingredients like this Certified Organic Catnip Pillow.

If you are a cat owner, this is the perfect eco-friendly, chemical-free, dye-free, organic catnip toy.  All cats will absolutely love it, making it the perfect gift for cats and cat owners alike.

Each Organic Catnip Pillow is made with 100% Organic Cotton Fabrics and battings which is then filled with layers of USA-Sourced, Organically Grown Catnip. We only use the highest quality organic catnip available and your fur babies will go crazy, playing for hours.

Each organic catnip toy pillow is handmade using several layers of batting, heavily sprinkled with organic catnip and double-stitched to ensure the catnip stays on the inside even after hours of crazy rough play. 

Our fabric manufacturers have certified their fabrics to be GOTS / USDA Organic Cottons, thus, each catnip toy pillow contains NO dyes, bleaches or chemicals in the production of their fabrics or battings. Additionally, the premium catnip used is certified to be organic and wild grown, with no pesticides or chemicals used in the growth or final production, making this a completely safe cat toy for your cats and the environment too.

NOTE: Since these catnip pillows are made using pure organic fabric without dyes or chemicals, they come in an all-natural beige color and may have occasional dark flecks which is normal. Our goal is to provide you and your pets with a premium Organic Certified product that your cats will safely enjoy for hours on end.

100% USA grown, manufactured, and handmade product made with love in Arizona by BVS.

Made in the USA
Made In The USA.