Organic Hair Styling Wax
Organic Hair Wax for Styling
Organic Hair Wax for styling hair

Organic Hair Wax - Chemical-Free Hair Styling Wax

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All-Natural Hair WaxOrganic Hair WaxMade in the USA

Looking for a hair care product to keep your hair styled without all of the chemicals?

Our Organic Hair Styling Wax is the perfect styling tool to form and shape your hair. As one of our best-selling organic hair care products, this Organic Hair Wax is the perfect replacement for traditional hair gels and hair mousse for those seeking to avoid the harmful chemicals they contain. This organic hair care product creates an exceptional hold without appearing artificial. It has outstanding frizz control while maintaining natural sheen making it great for all hair types and safe for every member of the family, from babies to adults.

This organic hair wax is made using pure, all natural ingredients of Organic Olive Oil and all-natural Beeswax to help your hair stay nourished all day long, while staying in place. Unlike most hair wax products, our Organic Hair Wax washes out easily but will hold your hair in place all day without drying so you can continue to restyle as you like!

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil*, Beeswax
  • This Organic Hair Care Product is cruelty-free and never tested on animals.
  • This product contains no sulfates, no phthalates, no parabens, no synthetic dyes and no fragrances.
  • Our Organic Hair Wax is completely all natural and safe for everyone, including those with sensitive skin.
Made in the USA
Made In The USA.

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