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Raw Intuition - Natural Crystal Quartz Wire Wrapped 14k Earrings

Raw Intuition - Natural Crystal Quartz Wire Wrapped 14k Earrings

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"Raw Intuition" - Genuine Natural Crystal Quartz w/ 14k Rose Gold Filled Earring Hooks (Shown in photo)

From the "Beautiful Raw Collection" This natural gemstone piece is something everyone should have in their collection.

Clear Quartz - A stone of power - Used for centuries, the raw natural quartz crystal gemstones used in these Earrings (featuring 14K Rose Gold Hooks), is said to helps the wearer to increase their energy or intention - to protect against negativity in daily life - help the immune system, memory and reduce pain thanks to the natural healing properties it is believed to have.

The beauty of this raw cut natural quartz gemstone is that not all natural gemstones are the same size so each one is unique and special. Some customers have ordered multiple pairs of these earrings because of this diversity. The team and Kinilly absolutely LOVE THESE!

Note: Not all crystals are the same size, but will be matched with one that is close in size and shape to the one in the photo. Therefore, the right earring may differ in size to the left earring, etc.. Each set will be unique and special.

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